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Asset Protection For The Business Owner

Over the years, this new field of law enjoyed a marginal reputation, but started going mainstream in the mid-1990s. A 2003 article in The Wall Street Journal claimed that 60% of America’s millionaires have considered engaging in asset protection planning.

However, you do not want to commingle dangerous assets either with other dangerous assets or with safe assets. Keeping ownership of dangerous assets separate limits exposure of loss to the individual asset. Options to consider that will help lessen the risks to your personal assets from your LLC’s business activities. This explains why some trusts can help minimize or avoid estate taxes. Also, because assets in a trust are not part of your estate at death, they do not have to be transferred to your heirs through the probate process; they are instead distributed according to the trust terms. A key feature of trusts is that once your assets are transferred into the trust, they technically are no longer your personal property.

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Control whether your personal assets will be at risk should a lawsuit happen and your business loses. In contrast, ownership interests in an LLC and a Limited Partnership cannot not be taken should you or another owner be sued. It’s a good idea therefore if your business is incorporated, to seriously consider converting it to one of these other two business structures. And, according to one source, all of us have a 10% chance of getting sued in any given year and a 33% chance of getting sued during our lifetimes! This is scary information given that being on the losing end of a lawsuit can be financially devastating. Generally, the asset protection benefit of an LLC is a judicial remedy as known as a “charging order” which protects the owner’s interest in the LLC from his or her personal liabilities.

Asset Protection For The Business Owner

If allowed in your state, you can title your personal residence as “tenancy by the entirety,” which means that if one spouse issued, the home cannot be attached by a legal judgment. Most states offer a homestead exemption on a primary residence that protects a certain amount of your home’s value from creditors or bankruptcy. Be sure to purchase business insurance to cover any potential incident so potential plaintiffs have another target rather than coming after you. Without a defendant who can pay a claim, a lawsuit will not typically go forward. Depending on your circumstances, you may have other possible exemptions available to you; for example, in many states, you’ll have significant protection for home equity. An “inter vivos” trust is created during your lifetime while a testamentary trust comes into being upon your death through a provision in your will.

Best Ways to Protect Business Assets & Equipment from Lawsuits

Have you considered the tax consequences your business may face following your death? Is there a plan for transitioning ownership of the business when you retire?

Because a sole proprietorship does not insulate oneself from liabilities stemming from the business activity, most business owners operate their business through a separate legal entity instead of as a sole proprietorship. Similarly, partners in a limited partnership are generally not permitted to play an active role in managing the day-to-day affairs of the business. If they do, a court may treat the partnership as a general partnership, resulting in the loss of its limited liability protection. A limited partnership is authorized by state law and consists of one or more general partners and one or more limited partners. The same person can be both a general partner and a limited partner, as long as there are at least two legal persons or entities, such as a corporation, who are partners in the partnership. The general partner is responsible for the management of the affairs of the partnership and has unlimited personal liability for all partnership debts and obligations.

Asset Protection Considerations For Business Owners

Our team of experienced members seeks to provide legal property and asset management solutions at various levels. Contact us or visit our office in Austin, Texas to discuss a trust plan that addresses current concerns for your business and professional needs. It simply makes a lease payment to your one central leasing company that owns all of the LLCs that own your equipment. One LLC owns your equipment-holding LLCs and handles all of your leasing. Ok, the first tool we will to talk about is a title holding trust. The trustee holds the title of the property under the terms of the trust. The trustee holds title to the business assets in the trust, itself.

A “series LLC” is especially suited for the use of multiple entities. It’s true that this multiple entity approach takes planning and expert advice. And, once you adopt the multiple-entity approach, you’ll need to balance the funding of these entities through both equity and debt, using leases, loans and liens.

How many people do you need for a Ltd company?

To form a limited by guarantee company you need a minimum of one person. This individual can fill all the necessary roles within the company, this being director, member (this is the limited by guarantee version of a shareholder, they are also known as guarantors), and PSC.

However, have you thought about what would happen if you had a heart attack, stroke, or a car accident and could not be involved for an extended time? When poor planning, or no planning, has occurred, the business can get into trouble before those left can “figure it out” and get the legal authority needed.

Securitization requires multiple entities

Other measures need to be consistently followed to maximally protect your personal assets. Creating and implementing a comprehensive asset-protection plan involves almost every aspect of your business. The goal of the plan is to protect your business assets within the framework of your business operations. Protecting your business is both allowed and encouraged, using honest, legal concepts and entities where appropriate. Extending these goals to intentionally deceive other businesses or individuals is not asset-protection planning – it’s a fraud.

For example, Florida provides unlimited protection to these assets, while Oregon provides protection for up to $500 per month in annuity income. Retirement accounts are excellent vehicles to protect long-term savings and provide substantial tax benefits.

  • This could take the form of a limited liability corporation or a limited liability partnership , among other options.
  • Once you have identified the protected asset classes available to you under applicable law, it may be prudent to maximize your protection by converting non-exempt assets into exempt assets.
  • However, separating your business entity can go a long way for protecting your personal assets.
  • There are many circumstances in which your assets can be attached or garnished including divorce, being on the losing side of a civil lawsuit, or even something like an auto accident.

Many states limit the remedies of a creditor of a limited partner or a member in an LLC, thereby providing some protection for the assets of the entity from the creditors of a member. Transferring Risk with InsuranceThe fundamental philosophy when considering any insurance policy is to pay a premium you can afford to avoid a risk you cannot. However, too often, busy professionals and business owners renew the same insurance policy year after year, despite significant growth and changes in their business. While insurance is one of the easiest asset protection strategies, it is also chronically underutilized. Thus, it is essential to take the time to review all of your insurance policies, their limits, and their coverages every so often, and then to make any necessary adjustments.

Does an LLC provide asset protection?

The business and its property would be protected if you are personally sued unless a charging order has been issued by the court. This would allow a litigant to attach assets that are distributed to you by the limited liability company. Let’s say that you own a construction company, and you also purchase and remodel homes that you rent for additional income. You are concerned about potential lawsuits, so you convey your construction company and each home into a separate family limited partnership. Far better options are to set up your business as a Corporation, an LLC or as a Limited Partnership. The insurance you buy should cover the standard risks your particular type of business faces. And if you are a professional, like a realtor, doctor, dentist, lawyer, engineers, and the like, you must have malpractice insurance, sometimes called “errors and omissions” insurance.

Asset Protection For The Business Owner

Legally and financially, you and your sole proprietorship are considered one in the same. So, if someone sues you or you can’t pay off a business loan, your personal assets might be taken as restitution. It’s important that you separate your business and personal interests or else it could be a recipe for disaster. You don’t have to formally define the structure of your business to keep your assets separate.

There’s a lot that goes into setting up a comprehensive estate plan, but with our FREE worksheet, you’ll be one step closer to getting yourself and your family on the path to a secure and happy future. It’s best to keep all non-essential cash in an LLC that is owned by you (and/or your partners), not the company.

Asset protection involves making prudent decisions today to protect yourself, your business, and your hard-earned assets from losses due to lawsuits, creditors or bankruptcies. This type of proactive legal planning is especially prudent for professionals and business owners, whose personal assets could be at risk due to the nature of their employment without expert legal techniques. The best practice for employing a dependent asset protection plan is to begin administering your legal structures right now. Our firm applies strategies tailored to the assets owned and the types of creditors likely to pursue potential claims. Included are exempting your assets from the claims of creditors, limiting your liability through legal entities, and transferring your risk through insurance. If your assets hold value, act today and speak to an experienced attorney with a plan for your professional and business resources. So, we just talked about how to protect business assets from lawsuits.

Corporations are a form of business organization created in accordance with state law. Legal ownership of the corporation vests in its shareholders, as evidenced by shares of stock. Generally, each shareholder is entitled to elect a board of directors charged with the overall management of the corporation. The board of directors elects the officers , who are authorized to conduct the day-to-day business of the corporation. Many states permit a single individual to serve as sole director and to hold all of the corporate offices. With the agreement called the cross-purchase plan, the partners agree upon the value of a business share. They take out life insurance policies on one another with payouts that are equal to the value of a share in the business.

We strip the equity out of the equipment with certain liens, as we will discuss. We own the equipment inside of certain legal tools such as trusts and LLCs.

Asset Protection For The Business Owner

However, in this case, the professional would have to form each entity directly, because the holding entity could not be the owner of the operating entity. However, even when the business is formed as an LLC or corporation, the business owner still faces an asset protection dilemma. Although operating your business as an LLC or a corporation protects your personal assets from the reach of business creditors, your business assets are still vulnerable to those creditors. The business can still lose everything that it has–which can spell ruin for a small business owner. Another structure that can be used to protect assets is the limited liability company .

Transferring Risk with Insurance

If you make your business a limited liability company, generally speaking, your personal property would be protected if a lawsuit is filed against the company. Most experts agree that it is not a good idea to mix personal and business resources if you are at all concerned about limiting your personal liability against business lawsuits. Even if you have a state sanctioned LLC along with an operating agreement, tight adherence to business operating procedures that show you are maintaining this separation can help to keep your personal assets safe. Business assets are vulnerable if they are owned by the same legal entity that operates the core business because a judgment against that business entity will threaten the core assets and jeopardize business operations. Business asset protection starts by separating the ownership of essential business assets from core business operations.

  • This includes having separate personal and business bank accounts and never commingling the two, titling all business properties in the business’s name, and using the company name on business contracts and correspondence.
  • If you are part of a general partnership, strongly consider protecting your personal property as described above.
  • A limited partnership is authorized by state law and consists of one or more general partners and one or more limited partners.
  • Once you have obtained insurance, diligently review your insurance policies to ensure that your insurance coverage remains adequate to cover the value of your assets.
  • A graduate of Boston University School of Law, Scott P. Schomer is a frequent lecturer on estate planning and elder law issues, having discussed these important issues on local and national television.
  • The owner’s selection of a business entity depends upon many factors, such as whether the business is owned within a family, whether there are passive investors, the expectation of public ownership, and tax planning.
  • Contact us or visit our office in Austin, Texas to discuss a trust plan that addresses current concerns for your business and professional needs.

There are 12 states that have state-level estate taxes, and the exclusions are lower, but California does not have its own estate tax. Learn about what goes into a comprehensive estate plan by signing up for our newsletters. Risk management is a vital part of running your business so you can protect what’s yours.

If you don’t want to pass on the business, it is even more important to make plans for the sale of the business to ensure that your financial interest in the business is protected. Essential reading for every professional, business owner and potential deep-pocket lawsuit defendant. Our asset protection attorneys are interested in developing an honest plan to oppose any attacks that search for Asset Protection For The Business Owner or locate the value of the identified or inherited estate. When contesting asset protection, imposing financial privacy measures can initiate the journey towards safeguarding your most valued properties. Expert advice is prudent to establish a proactive plan which contains all properties. We understand the importance of preserving your property for the sake of your and your family’s future.

  • For instance, you can place certain assets in managed trusts that are administered for the benefit of beneficiaries, but no longer controlled by you as the owner.
  • The corporation may be sued without loss of personal property by the ownership.
  • As tenants by the entirety, both you and your spouse own an indivisible interest in the home.
  • One prominent exception to the limited liability of corporate principals relates to providers of personal services.
  • When one spouse is engaged in a riskier occupation, it can be advantageous to put personal assets in the name of the other spouse.
  • According to NFIB, tort liability (e.g., accidents on premises, discrimination claims by employees) cost small businesses more than $105 billion in 2008 .
  • You have the lawsuit protection if there’s a liability in any particular cubby hole.

There are many circumstances in which your assets can be attached or garnished including divorce, being on the losing side of a civil lawsuit, or even something like an auto accident. If you have the proper legal tools in place before a lawsuit strikes, you are in a much stronger position to weather the storm. A company is a legal entity formed by a group of people to engage in business. Learn how to start a company and which is the richest company in the world. A franchise tax is levied at the state level against businesses and partnerships chartered within that state and is not a tax on franchises.

How to Protect Your Personal Assets as a Business Owner

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